Thursday, October 19, 2006

What I Like And Dislike About Essays

Essays could be easy and hard. Essays are hard to do if it is very long, and easy if it is short. If the essay is five to seven paragraphs, I think it will be easy. More than ten paragraphs I think is too much for me. An essay is when you write a five page paragraph, or more. The first paragraph is an introducing paragraph. A general statement, then write about the three subtopics, and a thesis. A thesis is a sentence when it restates the paragraph. After that you write a paragraph about subtopic one, then subtopic two, then subtopic three. Last you write the conclusion paragraph. Essays are hard because you have to write a lot. If your topic is hard, and you have no information on the topic, the essay will be hard. Everything I really dislike, is difficult to me. I will have to practice on the things that is difficult. If your topic is easy, and you know information on it, the essay will be easy to write. Essays are easy to understand. That is what I like and dislike about essays, and how hard and easy they are.


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